About us

Wellcome to Delroy's Gym webpages.

It's the very same Delroy's Gym you've come to know and love for over the past many years of operation in the Golden City. Your one-stop family gym shop in the Czech Republic's capital. The gym was established in Prague in 1993. Delroy's Gym is in its new premises in Smichov since 2000.

Delroy's Gym is your personal point of contact for all your personal and family sports needs.
It's the reason we've been visited over the years by film directors, film producers, expatriate CEOs, government bureaucrats and ministers, former Olympians, former synchronized swimmers, diplomats, and others who benefited from our array of many different services.

Our trainings are for men, women and children of all ages and all levels of fitness. Trainings are prepared in a way that you gain your required results quickly and effectively. Also any knowledge of Martial Arts gives you self confidence and ability to take care of yourself in dangerous life situations. We train boxing, kickboxing, thaiboxing, lunch boxing ... etc.

All amateur trainings are non-contact. Sparring is only in advanced lessons or on clients requirement in private CEOBoxing lessons. Trainings are in English or Czech, clientelle is international.

Our main target is to help you stay in shape in a professional and friendly environment.

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