Dojo ethics

Dojo ethics are rules (written and unwritten) of behavior for trainees and instructors at the dojo.
Dojo ethics is based on the ethics code of bushido and the Japanese samurai traditions.

•  When entering and leaving the dojo mat make a bow as a greeting to the place where I train!

•  At the beginning and end of the exercise stand in a row according to the achieved technical degrees!

•  In the interpretation of an instructor or teacher listen and do not interrupt!

•  If you want to ask something, raise your hand and wait for the appeal!

•  Call your teacher Sensei (black belt) or Senpai (blue, purple or brown belt).

•  If I am asked whether I have understood, I answer with short „OS“ (expresses understanding and listening).

•  Kimono is always clean (or ironed)!

•  Nails on hands and feet always short cut!

•  Hands and feet always clean! (if someone has problems with unpleasant odeurs from the feet, must wash before the training)

•  During and after the training it is not allowed to speak vulgar in the dojo premises!

•  A practitioner with a lower technical level always respects a practicioner with a higher level!

•  Alwyas keep dojo clean and tidy and listen to instructors!

•  During training concentrate on own exercise and do it with maximum concentration in a way not to hurt my partner!

•  If these rules are repetedly broken, a practicioner might be called out of the dojo without any compensations!
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