White Collar Boxing

What is "White Collar Boxing"

White Collar Boxing has been established in the US in New York in 90’s by Wall Street stock brokers. Probably they needed to release some stress, clear their minds from demanding work and at the same time be able to mingle with each other, because at that time boxing was considered more for the actuall „blue collars“ – workers and lower income people. At the same time training boxing gave them great condition and the mental drive they needed for their work.

We in Delroy’s Gym have created a programme called „CEOBoxing“ - which is training programme especially tailor made for business people (both men and women). It is mainly private training focusing on getting great results in short period of time, intensive workout, getting in good shape, learning something new, being ability to protect oneselves, get confident, have fun and all that without injuries.
Clients of CEOBoxing confirm that 1) these trainigs are addictive and 2) it gives them self confidence in their business lifes as they are improving on their physical condition. Martial Arts make people to improve on their speed of movemet but also speed of thinking, decision making, to be able to focus and concentrate. To be able to train Martial Arts the person will get faster, more flexible, stronger – it is really complex workout.



I. White Collar boxing - Delroy's Gym 30. May 2009


particular fights:

Henk Goossen



Ivan "the Furious" Pecina vs Stuart "the Irish Big Hitter" Evers

Tomáš "Drobek" Wackenreuther vs David "Mean" Gerard

Vojtěch "the Beast" Steiner vs Rahma "Mad Dog" Reda

Armen "the Mighty" Argasyan vs Vojtěch "the Beast" Steiner

II. White Collar boxing - Restaurant Kobe 7. October 2010

Second White Collar Boxing took place in beautiful restaurant KOBE in the center of Prague. Event wasw moderated by Czech famous actor Tomáš Matonoha and patronage over the fighters was taken over by Czech Muay Thai fighter Ondra Spejbl Hutník. Guest of honor who also practices Martial Arts himself was Daniel Landa.

Gerard vs Wackenreuther

Nový vs Rejthar

Kabilka vs Boura

Demel vs Ješátko

Holubec vs Bouček

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